A little over the horizon

Teseas is a consulting firm providing industries, commercial companies, private individuals and the public administration with industrial and financial strategy services and resource planning. The firm also provides advisory services related to mergers and acquisitions.
Teseas was established in 2009, following the heritage of the Association “Tecnospecialisti energia, ambiente e sicurezza”, established in 2004 by a group of engineers, physicians and chemists engaged in solving technological, management and innovation problems in the industrial field.
Since then, the company has been at the forefront in the Italian technological and industrial landscape, showing itself passionate about technology, attentive to the territory and respectful to the environment. Today, Teseas, standing on the path of sustainable development, focused its mission mainly on the embedded applications.
With the market offering many chances of growth, and thanks to the expertise acquired, the company is now able to be a more than reliable player in its fields of actions, supporting the development, implementation and management of innovative and competitive solutions. In particular, Teseas mainly works with:

- Medium-sized structures having a heavy operational leverage in high-growth sectors;

- Structures having a very experienced management team and a strong equity alignment;

- Early-stage structures having a real perspective of potential growth;

- Structures having a best-in-class team and a defined growth strategy.

As investor Teseas is also focused on seed and early stage businesses, looking for ideas and great teams with a proven product and/or business model and a clear path to scalable revenues and profitability.