A little over the horizon

With the market offering many chances of growth, and thanks to the expertise acquired, Teseas is able to be a more than reliable player in its fields of actions, supporting the development, implementation and management of innovative and competitive solutions. In particular, we mainly works with:

- Medium-sized structures having a heavy operational leverage in high-growth sectors;

- Structures having a very experienced management team and a strong equity alignment;

- Early-stage structures having a real perspective of potential growth;

- Structures having a best-in-class team and a defined growth strategy.

We work hard for a sustainable technological future through the constant innovation of technologies, processes and global integration of expertise. Many features represent our philosophy:


We are deeply engaged in creating value in a sustainable way, by developing diversified technologies, investing on innovative initiatives and offering advisory services in the management of processes within the whole supply chain of industry and technology.


We want to be a leader company in the technological transition of the Italian system, by supplying the national industry with a wide range of abilities, energies and services, together with a vision based on our expertise and capability of leading and supporting the choices, starting from the identification of financial assistance areas, to the optimization of the production, management and assistance aspects.