A little over the horizon

Teseas wants to be both a driver for technological change and an advisor providing tools and methodology approaches in order to learn how to detect and manage risks and uncertainties, to take the right choices, to analyse correctly the economic, legal, scientific and technological variables. Relying on Teseas means not only getting a balanced view and a professional and critical approach to the management of complex activities or programmes, but also acquiring or implement the capability of acting in accordance to a strategic business vision. Therefore, our strategy is the following:


We strongly believe that success is part of the integrity of the people we work with. That is why we are the first investors of the companies we work with, through a high-quality operational and management team that shares our passion for the creation of value through the growth.


Even though we all come from different backgrounds and countries, our shared entrepreneurial mindset is what binds us together. Our decisions are based on experiences and analysis, enhanced by the understanding of the real world and of what it takes to build a business. We bring passion, determination and the belief in everything we do, and this enables us to rapidly capitalize the opportunities we see as convincing.


From the investment to the exit, we are strongly engaged as partners, exploiting the strength of our collective experience in order to offer the best added value of our company to our clients. Our involvement has different shapes, from the advisory role to the M&A. We offer our competences as sounding board for company management. Through all of this, our engagement in the collaboration is constant.


Teseas is an Italian company that invests in Italian companies. We are confident on the perspectives of our Country, proud of our catalyst role for the Italian economy. Nevertheless, we see ourselves as a global company: a multicultural team, an international network and a global outlook.